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March 2023 Healthy News from Moriarty Chiropractic Failed Back Surgery Back Pain Relief with Gentle Spinal Manipulation Take Your Vitamin D!

image of a Nashua spinal manipulation for back pain after back surgery

Gentle spinal manipulation for back pain that lingers or comes back after back surgery - sometimes called persistent post-surgical pain or post-surgical continued pain -  is proving effective. And Cox® Technic as used at our Nashua chiropractic clinic is getting noticed for its pain-relieving outcomes! So have you undergone back surgery? Do you still have back pain…or has it returned? You’re not alone, especially in wishing the pain would just go away and never return. Some will opt for more medical options like surgery or pain meds or physical therapy, etc. Others will pursue non-medical options like spinal manipulation. A new meta-analysis of published data on the kinds of spinal manipulation applied to treat back pain patients with persistent spine pain after lumbar surgery reported that spinal manipulation practitioners elected to use potentially gentler non-thrust techniques – 85% chose flexion-distraction (aka Cox® Technic) – instead of thrust techniques. (1) A published study of 69 post-surgical patients handled with Cox® Technic documented that in 11 visits over a 49 day treatment period 81% of the patients got more than 50% relief of pain. The mean percent of relief was 71.6% at the end of care and 70% at 2-year-follow-up. The relief lasted! (2) The frustration of back pain is reasonable. The frustration of back pain after back surgery that was hoped to eliminate it is even more frustrating. Moriarty Chiropractic extends Cox® Technic to decrease the pain…and the frustration!

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Gary Stefanick on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes the help his patient got with The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.

image of Nashua low back pain and lumbar disc degeneration helped with higher levels of vitamin D

TIP OF THE MONTH: Another Reason to Be Up on Your Vitamin D! LBP And Disc Degeneration

Higher vitamin D levels were documented to be linked with better physical performance in low back pain (LBP) sufferers with lumbar disc degeneration (LDD). Researchers measured vitamin D levels and muscle strength in 200 participants. Those low in vitamin D took more time in the gait speed, chair stand, and timed-up-and-go (TUG) tests. (3) Postmenopausal women who had vitamin D deficiency (especially those with less than 10 ng/mL which marked severe LDD and LBP) are documented to have LBP and LDD. Add in smoking, high body mass index, osteoporosis, and no D supplementation, and the moderate to severe pain was worse. (4) Another report indicated that frailty status and physical performance measures (gait speed and TUG) were significantly linked to vitamin D concentration. (5) Moriarty Chiropractic asks: How’s your vitamin D level? Time to check it!

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