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Myofascial Release/Trigger Point Therapy

We have noticed that adjustments last longer and patients get better faster when we combine myofascial release with our sessions. Athletes love this treatment. Fascia is the soft tissue that covers muscles and can become restricted and painful due to injury, overuse, inactivity, or infection. Dr. Moriarty will apply gentle pressure to the painful area while you are assisted in certain movements to stretch the fascia and corresponding muscles. This treatment is popular with nearly every patient as it is low-force, gentle, and effective. It is tailored to each patient and their specific pain and needs. Through this technique, many patients have found relief from their injuries that same day. Combined with other effective therapies such as ultrasound, cold laser, chiropractic, and acupuncture, Dr. Kevin Moriarty can help you through your injury to achieve more function and ability.
Trigger point therapy is for loosening up those tight knots in your back. It is a safe treatment for those of all ages and is often used to treat chronic pain and sports-related injuries. Trigger points are hypersensitive points in your muscles where the muscle tightens up and is painful with pressure. This pain can often radiate to other surrounding areas. Through utilizing trigger point therapy and other effective therapies, Dr. Moriarty will be able to locate the source of pain and assist you in your recovery, thus decreasing your pain and inflammation.