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Ultrasound Use in the Moriarty Chiropractic Treatment Plan


 Ultrasound therapy can be very effective for a variety of complaints from muscle spasms, sprains, strains, bursitis, tendonitis to many kinds of inflammation, contractures, and general tissue swelling.  It is a painless procedure and can help you recover faster through increasing metabolism and blood flow to the area. We utilize this modality in our clinic to help you recover faster and gain the strength and range of motion back that you once enjoyed before.  Dr. Moriarty is well experienced in ultrasound therapy and will utilize this safe and effective therapy, along with others, to decrease your pain and recovery time.
As a therapeutic modality, ultrasound is a type of heat treatment for soft tissue injuries to minimize swelling and pain, minimize muscle spasms, and expand the range of motion. Creating high frequency sound waves, ultrasound penetrates deep into a damaged area, creating heat that pulls blood into the area in order to enhance the mending process.

Ultrasound is applied gently with a handheld soundhead, using strokes or circles over the pain stricken area. An ultrasound gel may be applied during the ultrasound therapy session. The role of an ultrasound is to speed up your healing time and alleviate your pain.

Research Studies

In one study, the adding of ultrasound to exercise therapy for lumbar spinal stenosis relief decreased the amount of analgesic usage by the patients. (1)

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