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Trigger Point Therapy Use in the Nashua Chiropractic Treatment Plan

Trigger point therapy is for loosening up those tight knots in your back. It is a safe treatment for those of all ages and is often used to treat chronic pain and sports-related injuries. Trigger points are hypersensitive points in your muscles where the muscle tightens up and is painful with pressure. This pain can often radiate to other surrounding areas. Through utilizing trigger point therapy and other effective therapies, Dr. Moriarty will be able to locate the source of pain and assist you in your recovery, thus decreasing your pain and inflammation.

"Oh, that's the spot, Doc!"

Patients are frequently amazed that we can locate, just by feeling, the painful spot. Trigger points are highly irritable areas in muscle bands that provoke painful responses and are characterized by increased discomfort in the patient and an obvious hardness to the doctor or therapist. Trigger points are not just tender nodules, but they affect the surrounding muscle and tissues.

A type of soft tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, first originated by Dr. Janet Travell who treated President John F. Kennedy for his back pain, is established on the theory that pain in one part of the body can actually be caused by an injury or dysfunction somewhere else. chiropractic treatment of the spinal nerve injuries and dysfunctions is complementary.

Nashua chiropractic trigger point therapy in the leg

Trigger points are areas of sensitivity in a muscle. Trigger point therapy incorporates the application of pressure to these sore, sensitive areas in order to alleviate their pain and dysfunction as well as pain in other areas of the body. Sometimes massage and trigger point therapy are used together. Theoretically, active trigger points cause muscle pain which passes pain and tenderness to other parts of the body when pressed. Latent trigger points are those that don't have pain unless pressed, but they are believed to cause joint stiffness and decreased ranges of motion as we age.

By including trigger point therapy, the doctor or therapist presses on these painful points to ease the muscle and tissues affected. Even as the applied pressure on a trigger point may cause your pain to become more noticeable, it has the odd effect of feeling good at the same time. You will find that trigger point therapy in connection with your chiropractic Cox Technic treatment goes far to move you toward pain relief.

Moriarty Chiropractic offers trigger point therapy to maximize your healing. Ask Moriarty Chiropractic for more information.