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Moriarty Chiropractic is Nashua’s chiropractic care hub and is excited to be a part of chiropractic as its benefits for back pain relief grow in recognition. 

The WORLDWIDE Role of Chiropractic for Back Pain

It’s the time for chiropractic! Moriarty Chiropractic is thrilled to offer chiropractic services in Nashua and be a part of this time in healthcare.  Lancet, one of the foremost medical journals, presented a number of pieces on the disappointing way8 healthcare systems around the globe are managing low back pain. Back pain is an enormous issue everywhere and getting worse. And chiropractic is “perfectly placed to be a major player in providing a part of the solution to the global challenge of low back” providing that its providers adhere guidelines (like your chiropractor strives to do!) to not order too many x-rays, follow evidence-based care clinical practice guidelines, and keep well-informed of the most recent research (and even taking part in research when possible!). Chiropractic is known for its role in treating back pain. It needs to find its way into mainstream healthcare to help more back pain and neck pain sufferers non-pharmacologically and non-surgically. (1) The World Federation of Chiropractic is creating27 toolkits for chiropractors to participate more with public health communities and be of greater benefit to patients and communities within the health system as respected partners for their health and well-being. (2) Your Nashua chiropractor at Moriarty Chiropractic is grateful for this sponsorship and vision from a world chiropractic organization as that is just what this Nashua chiropractic practice of Moriarty Chiropractic aims to do here in Nashua.

Listen in to this PODCAST with Dr. Christophe Dean on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson about how he integrates Cox® Technic into his Nashua patient care to help relieve back pain.

Moriarty Chiropractic uses the best of chiropractic care options to ease Nashua back pain sufferers’ pain, sometimes with back belts. 

TIP OF THE MONTH: Wear a Back Support

Low back pain patients at Moriarty Chiropractic may benefit from wearing a lumbar support belt. New research reveals that a lumbar support belt does not inevitably result in muscle weakness but rather increases walking distance ability for spinal stenosis patients with intermittent claudication, decreases pain and fear of pain, decreases use of pain medications, and fosters muscle strength, flexibility, and activities of daily living. (3-10) Great benefits! Your chiropractor cautiously considers when and if to use of back braces for each individual Nashua back pain patient as he or she gets better with Nashua chiropractic care, understanding the benefits back braces may provide along the way.

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