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Not Feeling Understood About Your Back and Leg Pain? Older Nashua Back Pain Sufferers Are At Moriarty Chiropractic.

January 30, 2018

 “My chiropractor gets it. My Nashua chiropractor is aware of how this back pain and sciatica have upset my life. My Nashua chiropractor is assisting with the relief of the back pain and leg pain, so I can get back to my life.” Moriarty Chiropractic listens to this constantly! Nashua back pain and leg pain patients of all ages  and particularly our older Nashua back pain patients who have seen many other doctors with no relief. Moriarty Chiropractic helps ease back pain and leg pain gently and successfully with Cox Technic.


Experiencing back pain or leg pain (sciatica) when you’re older is different than – like most things in life – when you experienced back pain or sciatica as a younger person. There is a array of types of sciatica patients – those who have mild leg pain to those with high pain, disability and timeframe of being affected by it. Researchers revealed that most improvement for pain and disability happened in the first 4 months for all. At one year, 45% (mild) to 27% (high pain/disability) of the patients described recovery at one year. (1) Sciatica affects about 25% of us. Typical descriptions are of lower limb pain that is more bothersome than the lower back pain. Numbness and motor weakness may also join the leg pain. The typical care possibilities are pain medications of all kinds from NSAIDS to opioids without much evidence for their use. Additionally, most clinical trials for these meds for managing the pain of sciatica don’t include older people. (2) Moriarty Chiropractic implements a non-drug option for older adult back pain and leg pain that has research evidence to support its utilization and documentation of its value for that life-changing encounter with back and sciatic pain.


Patients describe to researchers that “It has changed my whole life.” “It” is chronic low back pain which is back pain that lasts beyond 3 months. Specifically, a new article explains that back pain sufferers articulate that it harms their sense of self, makes them feel like they are trapped in a body that just won’t work anymore, complicates family relationships, keeps them working with pain, and makes them feel socially and recreationally repressed. (3) Moriarty Chiropractic has seen this throughout its years of caring for Nashua back pain. Back pain disrupts life. Moriarty Chiropractic gives hope with its Cox Technic system of spine pain management. Often, Moriarty Chiropractic hears from Nashua back pain patients that even 50% relief would be quite adequate, allowing them to get back to their lives.

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Schedule a Nashua chiropractic visit today! Moriarty Chiropractic welcomes, understands and relieves back pain and sciatic pain for our Nashua older adults with Nashua back pain and Nashua sciatica. Your Nashua chiropractor, your Nashua back pain specialist, gets “it” and gets you.

Older back pain and leg pain sufferers feel understood and are helped at Moriarty Chiropractic.