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Moriarty Chiropractic Delivers Relieving Spine Care often in Less Time, with Less Cost

January 12, 2021

How well do you know your spine and what it needs? Does your doctor? Does your insurance provider (ie, Medicare)? Moriarty Chiropractic prides itself on knowing the spine of each of our Nashua chiropractic patients. Your Nashua chiropractor assesses your low back when there’s low back pain, your neck when there is neck pain, your neck when there is arm pain, your low back when you have leg pain, your thoracic spine when there is thoracic (and even neck and low back) pain. Your chiropractor ”gets” your spine. Sadly, sometimes your insurer does not. The chiropractic profession endeavors to deliver the research to the insurers to cover essential treatment for your spine while your Nashua chiropractor endeavors to communicate clearly with your insurer for your best care and with you for your best clinical outcome: relief of pain.


Administrators’ data does not tell the whole story about back pain. In a study comparing self-reported low back pain to data assembled by health administrations that track low back pain via billing codes and the like discovered that these two sources don’t agree. Self-reported data about low back pain (21.2%) was higher than administration’s data (10.2%). Characteristics of low back pain patients founded on data differed in several areas – sex, health/behavior traits, and health care use – leading to an underestimated prevalence of low back pain. (1) Moriarty Chiropractic knows how prevalent back pain is and how it affects our back pain patients like you.


In a study that specifically examined one influence on back pain - spinal stiffness - from the subjective patient point of view and the objective testing angle found that these two measures don’t correlate well either. At least in this comparison, actual input was from people: patients who filled out questionnaires and doctors doing objective tests. These findings directed the researchers to notice that while these two sources do not correlate well, each is valuable in the overall picture of the patient’s condition and care. (2) Your Nashua chiropractor uses this evidence to care for your spine.


Your Nashua chiropractor is an evidence-based chiropractor. Evidence guides the spine relief treatment plan at Moriarty Chiropractic. An interesting study of chiropractic students revealed how as each year of school passed the students became less vitalistic and more evidence-based. (3) After 7 or so years in school, your chiropractor is ready to take care of Nashua back pain and neck pain patients. The evidence of beneficial chiropractic spine care keeps expanding! Researchers write today of how the use of non-pharmacological pain management may inhibit unnecessary use of opioids. Chiropractic is one type of non-drug pain management offering. In a study of 101,221 spine pain patients, 1.55 to 2.03 times more non-chiropractic patients filled an opioid prescription than chiropractic patients. (4) Further, Medicare beneficiary patients who use chiropractic are found to have higher clinical outcomes (faster recovery, fewer back surgeries a year later, less opioid-linked disability, fewer traumatic falls and injuries, slower declines in activities of daily living and disability over time) at less expense (fewer medical doctors visits for low back pain, less opioid expense, less back-surgery cost) with higher levels of satisfaction. (5) These aren’t bad trade-offs for the Medicare cost system and for the Medicare patient.

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Listen to this PODCAST by Dr. Lee Hazen and Cheri Hazen RN on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as they described how non-pharmacological relieving treatment of back pain utilizing the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management and other non-drug approaches help.

Schedule a non-surgical Nashua chiropractic care appointment with Moriarty Chiropractic. Know that Moriarty Chiropractic knows Nashua back pain, understands how it affects you, and has a plan for its relief.

 Moriarty Chiropractic presents how non-drug treatment of back pain combined with knowledge of the spine and its pain help in the relief of spine pain: more quickly and less costly.