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August 19, 2014

Have a humpback? No, not a whale (though it may feel like it some days!), but an upper back with a hump. Some may relate to the hunchback character of old movies. Aging does strange things to our bodies. If it creates a hump in your spine, it’s an aging eccentricity most folks don’t want! Falls, fractures, and even osteoporosis are unwanted related complications. If it’s you with this kyphosis (the formal term for this condition) - the kyphotic curve - do you have pain? Does it make it hard to keep your head up to see? Do you feel unsteady? Moriarty Chiropractic offers some Nashua chiropractic care to help alleviate pain in the upper back and keep some motion in it.

Fortunately, it’s not a daily occurrence, but we’ve all seen people bent forward with their spines rounded and sticking backward between the shoulders. Moriarty Chiropractic has cared for quite a few patients like this over the years. They have what is called kyphosis. A new study shares that an older woman’s fracture risk is increased if she has kyphosis. The greater the kyphosis, the higher the risk: women with kyphosis greater than 53 degrees have a 50% increased risk of non-spine fracture. Why? It seems that bone mineral density (BMD) in these women is low, too. (1) Moriarty Chiropractic is ready to work with our Nashua ladies to reduce fracture risk with nutrition and postural correction mixed with some spinal manipulation.

So which elderly are at risk for falls? Those with chronic pain for at least a year and osteoporosis have a 50% higher risk. (2)  Osteoporosis is so costly in terms of money and suffering. Osteoporotic fractures over two years cost a patient $78,000, 50% of that being due to work loss. (3) Further, those with chronic pain and urinary incontinence have a 48% higher risk of fracture. (2) Moriarty Chiropractic offers chiropractic care as part of a comprehensive Nashua osteoporosis treatment plan for fracture prevention and osteoporosis management which often includes nutrition supplementation.

Moriarty Chiropractic offers the gentlest care for fragile backs like those with kyphosis and osteoporosis. Cox Technic is smooth and comfortable and effective. It just feels good.

So contact Moriarty Chiropractic today for relief of your upper back pain, your kyphosis, and management of your osteoporosis. Don’t let a hunched back or the pain of a humpback be a bump in your life. Nashua chiropractic care at Moriarty Chiropractic may well help smooth it out.