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February 2024 Healthy News from Moriarty Chiropractic Heart and Spine Benefit from Exercise and Sacroiliac Pain Benefits from Treatment

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The great sacroiliac joint debate: does it cause pain or not? We won’t go deep into that, but our Nashua back and leg pain sufferers may experience pain in the sacroiliac joint. Some medical approaches today fuse the sacroiliac joints, inject them, etc. (1,2,3) In the conservative realm, a review of how manual therapy might reduce and/or ease sacroiliac joint pain reported that manual therapy – though just which manual therapy technique is superior was not clear in all the studies they reviewed – statistically significantly enhanced disability due to sacroiliac joint dysfunction syndrome. (4) There’s always room for additional research! Another study juxtaposed the impact of manual therapy, exercise, and a combination of those two on sacroiliac pain dysfunction. All three groups were shown to have had a significant reduction in sacroiliac-associated pain. The researchers concluded that manual therapy was effective over the long term for sacroiliac joint pain reduction and that adding specific exercise to the sacroiliac joint manipulation treatment raised the effectiveness. (5) If we find sacroiliac pain to be of consequence in your back pain condition, let’s consider Nashua chiropractic non-surgical manual therapy and [possibly even|maybe]70] a little exercise to address it!

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr.  Michael McMurray on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson about use of The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management that includes exercise.

image of Nashua back pain and heart health benefit from exercise, even 1 session


Exercise is admired for its benefit for heart health, benefit which emerges after some time of exercise say weeks or months. Researchers are discussing that even single or short-term exercise sessions offer benefit! They verified this and found that short-term exercise-induced protection provided immediate cardiac protection (like decreasing the magnitude of cardiac/vascular damage due to long-term ischemia) cheaply and easily. (6) We know that our exercise-adverse Nashua chiropractic patients will like this! Just one exercise session may offer benefit. That’s a first step! And more bonuses of exercise for low back pain sufferers are reported. A rehab exercise program for normal and overweight patients documented improvement in total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein as well as improvement in cardiovascular risk and lumbar muscle. (7) Time to add exercise?

In this month of hearts (Happy belated Valentine’s Day), take care of your heart and spine! Moriarty Chiropractic is honored to be your Nashua chiropractic partner in this project. See you soon!

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