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August 27, 2014

It’s raspberry season! Yum! For those watching their weight, their diabetes numbers, and their fat content, raspberries are great additions to the summer diet. Moriarty Chiropractic encourages summer diets that incorporate the seasonal fresh foods like fruits and vegetables to all our Nashua chiropractic patients. Not only are they healthy and nutritionally terrific, fresh fruits like raspberries are really good for you!

Need to lose weight? Eat raspberries! A new study reports that a high fat diet supplemented with berries like raspberries helps keep fasting insulin levels low and reduce weight gain. (1)  They  are starting to shine in the management of obesity! The raspberry ketone (a phytonutrient in raspberries) helps fat cell metabolism. (2) So all of us may benefit from raspberries to keep our figures, and diabetics may find extra benefit for their insulin levels. Moriarty Chiropractic knows our Nashua chiropractic patients come to the practice with struggles like weight and diabetes. Being part of your healthcare team is a privilege Moriarty Chiropractic doesn’t take lightly.

Thus, Moriarty Chiropractic shares that the newest direction in research of raspberries’ nutritional value is its ability to improve management of obesity. How? Increased metabolism in fat cells by phytonutrients. Rheosmin (raspberry ketone) increases enzyme activity, oxygen consumption and heat production in certain cells. (2) In doing these things, phytonutrients like rheosmin in raspberries may be able to decrease the risk of obesity and the risk of a fatty liver. (3) Raspberries prevent high-fat diet-induced elevation in body weight and increase lipolysis (the breaking down of extra fat around the abdomen) in fat cells. (4) So Moriarty Chiropractic encourages our Nashua patients to eat raspberries!

Further, raspberries are excellent sources of Vitamin C, 32.23 mg in just 1 cup. And the bonus: only 64 calories! Raspberries also are high in manganese (.82 mg) and fiber (almost 8 grams in one cup), too. (2)

“How can I eat raspberries?” Let’s count the ways! Plain. In shakes. In pie. In smoothies. With ice cream. In sorbet. In salads. All in moderation, of course. Now’s the season!

Chiropractic is a whole life approach to health. Nutrition plays an important role in your health. Sure, there are supplements that may fill in holes in your diet, but shifting to eating better for health then filling the holes by supplementation is optimal. So chat with your Nashua chiropractor about your diet and how nutritious it is … or isn’t. There’s no judgment! There is simply some wisdom to share if you want it. Contact Moriarty Chiropractic today as you snack on a cup of raspberries!