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December 22, 2015
Fibromyalgia is a complex condition. The nature of fibromyalgia is widespread chronic pain and fatigue that affects sufferers’ quality of life. They may experience all sorts of issues like sleep disorders, morning stiffness, poor concentration, and occasionally mild-to-severe mental symptoms such as anxiety or depression. (1) So if nutrition and supplementation offer beneficial hope of relief, especially vitamin D, Moriarty Chiropractic shares this evidence-based insight with our Nashua chiropractic patients who have fibromyalgia.

Recently, researchers compared women with fibromyalgia to those without. They found that other than iron intake, women with fibromyalgia are found to consume less vitamins A, C, B12, D and E and minerals folate, selenium, zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium. (Interestingly, vitamin E intake doesn’t affect fibromyalgia patients’ quality of life reporting while the amount of protein intake does affect pain reporting.) (2) Low levels of vitamin D have been related to fibromyalgia patients. (3) Further, vitamin D is showing itself beneficial in reducing fibromyalgia patients’ pain perception. Raising califediol (the one of three vitamin D forms that is measured in the blood to check vitamin D levels) is positive, economical, and low in side effects. (1) So what approaches seem to help fibromyalgia? One report says a combination of moderate physical exercise and supplementation. (2) Another review of the literature about fibromyalgia gives varying levels of evidence for benefits from these approaches: cognitive behavioral therapy, massage, acupuncture, spinal manipulation, muscle strengthening, diet, and body/movement awareness among others. (4) So what can a Nashua fibromyalgia patient do? Check out the Nashua chiropractic approach at Moriarty Chiropractic that incorporates many of these.

Moriarty Chiropractic is prepared to work with our Nashua fibromyalgia patients in establishing a beneficial treatment plan that includes nutritional supplements and exercise as well as gentle spinal manipulation in the form of Cox Technic.

Since fibromyalgia is a complex and individually experienced condition, Moriarty Chiropractic addresses each Nashua fibromyalgia patient individually. Experience shows us that our Nashua chiropractic care is soothing and even relieving for Nashua fibromyalgia patients. So contact Moriarty Chiropractic today to see how Nashua chiropractic care may benefit your fibromyalgia.