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Moriarty Chiropractic Encourages Healthy Diet to Avoid Pain and Inflammation

November 13, 2018

The S.A.D. is sad on so many levels. Inflammation. Obesity. Pain. S.A.D. being the Standard American Diet may be addressed by concentrating on and changing to a more anti-inflammatory diet. Back pain may improve as a result of an anti-inflammatory diet, so Moriarty Chiropractic encourages an anti-inflammatory diet for pain relief and even neurological recovery when spinal nerves hurt and are inflamed which causes Nashua back pain and neck pain, etc. Moriarty Chiropractic oversees the relief of back pain and neck pain with a complete chiropractic treatment plan of spinal manipulation, Cox® Technic, exercise and nutritional diet. Nashua chiropractic patients work with Moriarty Chiropractic for the relief of Nashua chronic pain, back pain, and neck pain.


Diet may influence obesity and chronic pain, not just in weight-bearing joints but other parts of the body, too. Poor diet many times contributes to obesity, impacts the immune system adversely, and lengthens recovery from inflammatory injury. A diet that is anti-inflammatory in nature rather than a pharmacological intervention after injury may well assist these concerns when substituted for the Standard American Diet. (1) Nashua chiropractic patients with chronic pain often find some relief with better eating selections.


A review of 172 papers proposes that consequences of certain foods are akin to drug management therapy for chronic pain. Natural compounds like the phenolic compounds in extra virgin olive oil are such. Carbohydrates with low glycemic indices eaten 3 times a day along with fruits and vegetables, yogurt, red wine are good on a daily basis. Fish and legumes, white meat, eggs and cheese and red meats can be mixed in weekly. It is not bad to have sweets on occasion! (2) Such a treat causes it to be more palatable to achieve a diet change! Eating this way facilitates inflammation/oxidative stress that results in pain relief.  


A well-known diet referred to as the ketogenic diet may be beneficial for lessening inflammation and advancing neuroprotection, protection of the nerves and even neurological recovery of spinal cord injury if started in a timely manner after the injury. (3) Protecting and regenerating damaged, inflamed nerves is important in the care of chronic pain and Nashua back pain at Moriarty Chiropractic. Moriarty Chiropractic is excited to disclose that  anti-inflammatory diets foster patients’ healing from disc herniations and other spine related injuries.

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Listen to this Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as Dr. Vincent Pankonin shares a patient with chronic back pain helped with Cox® Technic protocols.

Schedule a Nashua chiropractic visit with Moriarty Chiropractic soon to start adding a variety of anti-inflammatory foods into your diet – S.A.D. or not - for relief of Nashua chronic pain, back pain, nerve pain and even joint pain. 

Nashua chiropractic patients do well to avoid the S.A.D. diet to reduce inflammation and pain.