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October 04, 2011

Chronic lower back pain - pain that has been with you for a long time - puts a crimp in the lifestyle of young and old alike. The average age for back surgery in men is 37.9 years of age and in women 45 years. That's young! Leg pain due to a back condition is a more prevalent factor for the surgery. (1) But surgery is not the only answer for chronic lower back pain. It may be just a bump in the road of chronic back pain if a plan isn't designed to control it. But back pain plagues Nashua residents who haven't had back surgery, too. Moriarty Chiropractic is here for any lower back pain sufferer - chronic, post-surgical or acute - seeking relief.

lady eating a salad to help with spine painNow, the first step in dealing with chronic lower back pain is to avoid it. A healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, activity, nutrition, diet, weight control, rest, and even chiropractic can help. However, if you are one who has an injury or is prone to back problems, you'll want to consider ways to cope and control it.

That's where Moriarty Chiropractic comes into play. We know the spine. We care for the spine. Nashua residents trust us to do the right thing when it comes to back pain relief and control...and we do!

Moriarty Chiropractic's goal is pain relief, just the same as yours. We use spinal manipulation and therapies for pain relief and suggest rehabilitation to help you maintain the relief.

  • Spinal manipulation is effective for the treatment of chronic non-specific lower back pain. (2)
  • Rehabilitation is vital to re-coordinate the pelvic motion for walking and running and prevent future episodes of pain. Just one bout of back pain puts you at risk! (2)
Long-term benefit from chiropractic spinal manipulation for lower back pain relief comes when spinal manipulation is continued after the pain is gone. Researchers note that untreated patients revert back to their usual pain without it. (2) Has that happened to you?
Now Moriarty Chiropractic isn't out to treat you "forever". We follow a published protocol for care. The 50% rule guides our treatment plan. Get 50% relief, reduce your visits by 50%. Once you attain maximum relief - many of our Nashua lower back pain patients even get 100% relief - you may choose to come see Moriarty Chiropractic to maintain your relief. It's up to you!
Though it's your choice, seeing Moriarty Chiropractic on occasion may be good for you! Researchers report that rehabilitation and treatment are not finished with pain resolution. Lower back pain can cause more than just discomfort for your back. Pelvic trunk strength when walking and running is affected. (3) We want to put you in control of your lower back pain condition, so you can keep walking and running around Nashua all you want! Follow our rehab suggestions. Ask questions. We're here for you.
Check out these references about rehabilitation and chiropractic spinal manipulation, answer a few questions to see what condition might be your pain issue, then contact Moriarty Chiropractic, your Nashua chronic back relief center.