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January 07, 2014
Contrary. Opposite. Conflicting. Contradictory. Divergent. CONFUSING!
  • Obesity DOES contribute to back pain incidence. (1)
  • Obesity DOES NOT contribute to back pain incidence. (2)
picture of overweight individual sitting on a bench
So whom do you believe?! Which back pain researcher will you listen to? Crazy! Both of these articles came out at the same time. So pick what you want to believe!? Moriarty Chiropractic looks more closely at this issue of obesity and looks to shine a little light on the topic for the health of our Nashua back pain patients.
So the first research article about obesity says that obesity IS a predictor and cause of sciatica. In Japan, a study of 765 asymptomatic workers found that 18.4% of them reported a new episode of sciatica during a 2 year follow up period. The researchers report significant associations between a new episode of sciatica and age and even mental workload and obesity. (1) We know our Nashua back pain patients work hard mentally and physically! So beware of obesity. It may set you up for a bout of sciatica.
Now the other article says the opposite: obesity IS NOT a cause of chronic low back pain! These back pain and obesity connection researchers report that there was no significant relationship between BMI (body mass index) and self-reported pain and disability in chronic low back pain patients. Bottomline for us Nashua back pain doctors and patients? These researchers say not to rely on BMI as a sole measurement of obesity in chronic low back pain research. (2) So your Nashua chiropractor won’t. Your whole person and lifestyle and other issues will be assessed as to your coping with chronic low back pain no matter what your size.
Regardless of your body type, your Nashua chiropractor will instruct you in the proper exercise program to strengthen and stabilize your spine to prevent back pain and extremity pain like sciatica or leg pain. Further, know that there are ways to use your spine in normal activities of daily living that may well help prevent irritation and pain. Moriarty Chiropractic will show you.
So, obesity. Is it good for you? Of course not. Your Nashua chiropractor at Moriarty Chiropractic will certainly support you in any attempt you choose to lose weight or reduce your weight and even encourage you to just tone what there is of you. A moderate plan for losing weight with lifestyle adaptations - like adding exercise to your day, drinking more water, and eating more healthfully - is best. Moriarty Chiropractic won’t be contradictory in our evaluation or the resulting treatment plan for your back pain issues. We’ll set a clear path for both you and your Nashua chiropractor to follow so that we can work together toward the common goal of overall health and back pain relief and control. Contact Moriarty Chiropractic today.