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March 31, 2015

Vertigo and dizziness have many causes. Nashua chiropractic care may well be a solution for unsteady Nashua folks.  Moriarty Chiropractic sees Nashua vertigo patients  and gets them back on their steady feet again! Bring your vertigo to Moriarty Chiropractic to figure out the cause of your dizziness and get you steady again!

First of all, one cause of vertigo, that caused by compression of cervical vertebral artery in the neck, could be treated by decompression without surgical fusion or instrumentation especially in C1 transverse foramen. (1) What a great door to be opened! Nashua chiropractic care with gentle, long-y axis spinal manipulation according to Cox® Technic protocols may be the non-surgical decompression method to try before surgery! That’s our gentle, safe go-to chiropractic protocol for neck pain and related conditions. Your Nashua chiropractor is here for consultation.

Further, the whole question of just what effect spinal manipulation/manual therapy has on cervicogenic dizziness, balance, and neck pain drives researchers to study more. Good thing! A study reports that patients with vertigo who underwent spinal manipulation demonstrated improved balance and even showed reduced dizziness and neck pain. (2) A trial of spinal manipulation at Moriarty Chiropractic is worth a try for reduced dizziness and neck pain, isn’t it?

Sadly, life for patients with cervical vertigo or dizziness is not comfortable. Nashua dizzy patients seek a solution or at a least some relief of their vertigo. Moriarty Chiropractic is ready to help and understands the concern. That’s why Moriarty Chiropractic starts chiropractic care for dizziness with a thorough examination to rule out potentially severe causes of the symptoms. Then, an appropriate treatment plan is made. Researchers explain that once that is done, manipulative therapy may be appropriately used. (3) That’s what Moriarty Chiropractic offers!

So if vertigo or dizziness plagues you or a loved one, contact Moriarty Chiropractic. In Nashua dizziness and vertigo may be well handled with gentle chiropractic care.