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Nashua Chiropractic Care Relief for Back Pain and Fear of Back Pain

February 19, 2019

Have you noticed that if you see someone with a pin approach a balloon, you flinch or cover your ears? You know there’s a pop coming. It’s the same with Nashua back pain. If you expect your back to be painful, it often is. Moriarty Chiropractic cares for back pain patients every day with that balloon-pop instinct for back pain’s intensity. Moriarty Chiropractic strives to help our Nashua back pain patients experience back pain relief and find a way to not expect their backs to hurt.


Researchers write that perception of pain is affected by both the expectation of pain (or no pain) and the real sensation of pain. However, the greater the difference between the expectation and the pain, the less the expectation of pain or no pain affects the real experience of pain. (1) It is no wonder, then, that back pain patients - those with spondylosis, intervertebral disc disorders among others – struggle with depression. (2) They expect a life without back pain, yet they suffer with  back pain. There’s a disconnect between perception and reality. Caring for Nashua back pain patients consists of not just treating the source of back pain but its effects on the whole person, mind and body.


Patients fear Nashua back pain. Patients want a diagnosis, pain control and imaging (often regardless of what the medical guidelines say). These perceived needs patient by patients with back pain affect patient outcomes. (3) Back pain specialists who know these perceived needs can address these needs, can talk about these needs and can explain how these needs are being met with the Nashua chiropractic treatment plan. Your chiropractor wants what is best for you and your sought after and deserved pain relief.


Fortunately, spinal manipulation shows itself worthy of use by Nashua back pain patients as research reports that it may reduce the expectation of pain, the fear of movement and other associated brain responses that chronic low back pain patients need. (As a side note, how were these findings discovered? With amazing new MRI technology that studies brain function and blood oxygen level signaling! Amazing!).  (4) Your Nashua chiropractor at Moriarty Chiropractic offers the gentlest form of spinal manipulation, Cox Technic, that itself is amazing. Another research study reported that manipulation and mobilization likely reduce pain and increase function for chronic low back pain. Manipulation has a greater effect than mobilization. Both appeared to be safe interventions guiding the researchers to propose that a multimodal treatment plan may be encouraging. (5) Moriarty Chiropractic knows this to be true! Your treatment plan will consist of a mix of treatment approaches to help get you the relief you want.

Listen to this PODCAST with Australian chiropractor, Dr. Camercon McConville, on The Back Doctor’s Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson. Dr. McConville discusses how he incorporates a variety of treatment methods to help his patients return to the activities they want to do without always feeling the fear of pain.

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