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Nashua Back Packs and Back Pain: A Chiropractic Topic

August 29, 2017

It’s back to school time again in Nashua! And out come the backpacks. There’s always a discussion about the influence of backpacks on back pain in young people. There’s always talk about how the kids are to get all their stuff needed for homework back and forth from home if not in a backpack. There’s a quandary for you! No more homework, maybe?! Not likely! Moriarty Chiropractic understands and is here for those Nashua school kids (and older folks) who use backpacks and find themselves experiencing Nashua back pain. Moriarty Chiropractic has a treatment plan to relieve Nashua back pain!

How Much Back Pain Do Kids Get? Boys Vs. Girls. 

The influence of Nashua backpacks on young people’s back pain incidence is real. There is a higher occurrence of Nashua low back pain when carrying backpacks probably because of the increased forces in the spinal discs. (1) One Brazilian study documents that 55.7% of 5th to 8th graders report back pain. An influencing factor is likely the way the back pack is carried. (2) Another study done in Italy reported that greater than 60% of school kids 6 to 19 years of age in one study reported back pain. Girls who used backpacks voiced having more severe pain and more frequent back pain than boys. (3) Is this type of statistic about girls having more intense back pain and more frequent back pain since25 they carry more stuff than boys? No. It seems that the longer they cart the backpacks around, the more back pain they have. This may be due to anatomical, physiological and/or environmental differences between boys and girls. That makes another great topic for the next backpack/back pain study! (3) Moriarty Chiropractic treats adolescents with back pain be it due to backpack carrying or other causes with gentle, effective chiropractic care incorporating Cox Technic.

Relief for Backpack Nashua Back Pain  

Boys/Girls. Heavy backpack/light backpack. Long time carrying the bookbag/short time carrying the bookbag. All these various issues may well play a part in back pain felt by adolescents who carry book bags or backpacks. Nashua chiropractic care helps ease the back pain and help figure out what’s causing it and how to prevent it.

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