chronic low back pain One in four Americans suffer with low back pain and the majority of us will experience an acute episode at some point in our lives. There are many causes for low back pain, the most common are: muscle strain/ligament sprain, disc herniations, degenerative spine (arthritis), and spinal joint dysfunction (hypomobile or locked joint). Frequently, a low back condition can also cause leg pain, weakness or numbness. Our office can diagnose and treat these common low back problems.  The scientific literature has been quite clear in findings that chiropractic adjustments can be helpful for low back pain.  Imagine how much more effective it would be if they included all the other components of treatment we offer here in our clinic!?!   Our multi-faceted approach will help you leave low back pain in the past. 

Massage Therapy Hours

  • Monday:  8-12 
  • Tuesday: 8-3:30
  • Wednesday: 2-6
  • Thursday: 8-12
  • Friday: CLOSED
  • Saturday: CLOSED

Chiropractic Office Hours

  • Monday: 8-12 / 2-6
  • Tuesday: 8-12 / 1:30-3:30
  • Wednesday: 8-12 / 2-6:30  (No new patients after 11am)
  • Thursday: 8-12 / 2-6 
  • Friday: CLOSED
  • Saturday:  9-12 (See Sat Sched)

Acupuncture Hours

  • Thursdays: call for availability
  • Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri:  CLOSED