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"[Dr. Moriarty's] approach to pain management is always thought through.  He always asks questions to make sure he understands the issue.  He always gives me advice on what I can do on my own to prevent further injury while still maintaining my active lifestyle.  My upper back issues are completely resolved.  Chiropractic care requires multiple visits, however the changes I've noticed are well worth the time" (M. Stromecka - 4/21/15)

"Adjustments always improve my problems within a day or two.  I would highly recommend Dr. Moriarty.  He is thorough in his exams and treatments.  His staff are helpful and accomodating in scheduling the best appointment times."  (Albert W. - 4/22/15)

 "Have been going to Dr Moriarty for over a decade and have always had excellent results and care. His staff is very helpful and accommodating and Dr Moriarty demonstrates true empathy for his patients and their well-being. I would recommend Moriarty Chiropractic to anyone - and have recommended them to most of my friends and family."  (S.H.)

"Dr. Moriarty helped with my lower back pain.  It has been getting better and better since I have been going, and I can now pitch withouth pain after the game." (Nick P.)

"Dr. Moriarty has always been able to help me with all of the painful conditions I have had over the years... upper back, neck, knee, TMJ, hip, and shoulder.  He got rid of my pain and suggested specific strategies to do to remain pain free.  My shoulder pain, as is usually the case with most issues that Dr. Moriarty treated, was gone within 24 hours.  The TMJ was the most impactful pain that I ever had - basically I was unable to chew food.  Since being treated by Dr. Moriarty, I no longer have any jaw pain.  The TMJ  did take a few treatments to solve over I think two weeks, it did improve steadily after each treatment." (Cindy O.)

"I had never been to a chiropractor before and was really rather anxious about going. My problems had been building and recurring for some time and when I had sought other help many years ago it was a long process, many pain killers and a slow recovery. I can no longer take pain killers in any event. Today was my second treatment and I highly recommend this practice. Already my mobility has dramatically increased and the pain substantially decreased. I am from another country and have difficulty in going to health care providers as care is often standardised, arms length etc. Also, I have had bad experiences. However, this care and directed and it is incredible to experience such quick assistance for a long-standing and painful muscular/bone/nerve problem. Thank you."

"[Dr. Moriarty] has helped with overall alignment of neck to hips - allows me to walk and bike without any pain.  In addition, my posture is aligned, providing comfortable position for computer work."  (Kevin H.)

 "[Dr. Moriarty relieved my debilitating pain...and, through the years, reversed even my discomfort."  (Nancy C.)

"I initially sought out chiropractic care for chronic back pain.  I originally went to a medical doctor and it did not help.  The doctor told me I could never squat again because I wanted to be a competitive bodybuilder.  But with Dr. Kevin Moriarty's help I achieved my goal to be a professional natural bodybuilder.  I noticed results almost instantly.  I have scoliosis and with a few more sessions, I never felt so much relief and how it helped me in all my exercises and just daily living.  I have had my own Personal Training Studio for over 15 years and I tell all my clients what he has done for me.  It has, through the years, helped so many of my clients." (Diane L.)

 "Dr. Moriarty determined that I would run again after a hamstring injury.  (Two noted orthopedic surgeons advised that I wouldn't.) Ultimately, Dr. Moriarty found a solution.  I'm running 5-6 miles twice a week.  Their office is professional, personal, and determined to find a cure."  (Jack H.)

 "Dr. Moriarty has addressed and resolved dozens of injuries and chronic back issues for me.  I will always recommend Dr. Moriarty to my family and friends.  It has been a Godsend to me for pain relief, mobility, and overall health." (Sheliah K.)

 "I initially sought chiropractic care after being involved in an auto accident.  Dr. Moriarty documents each visit to show progress and has given me specific exercises for my targeted issues (back, neck, etc.)  From the first initial visit, I noticed a difference within a few weeks.  No limitations other than being really sore with soft tissue injuries from my accident.  Dr. Moriarty's location is accessible & staff is very friendly.  They always greet you by name.  Dr. Moriarty is professional and personable.  They also have a massage therapist, Rhonda, who is amazing with deep tissue."  (Rachael M.)

"[Dr. Moriarty's] care has dramatically reduced the pain.  My back acts up less often and is less severe than it used to be."  (Matt B.)

 "Through Dr. Moriarty's spinal manipulation there was almost immediate relief.  Follow-up visits were not forced or required, rather left to my own discretion.  The condition was presented, suggested stretching and movement exercises were both explained and communicated well.  I noted almost immediate relief after the 1st visit - with the application of recommended exercises the condition was in full relief within a week. I will and I have recommended Dr. Moriarty's office to my friends and family.  My experience with successful treatment always helps my decision to recommend services, but equally important is the quick, compassionate, and professional response to the initial request for an appointment to address the underlying condition."  (Thomas O.)

 "I deal with Fibromyalgia and it causes my muscles to unexpectedly spasm or to get painful.  Keeping my spine and neck aligned well during these spats enables me to keep moving and ultimately shortens the flare-ups.  When I get an adjustment, I usually feel better immediately, but sometimes it takes a few hours for relief to occur.  Dr. Moriarty has good chiropractic skills.  He uses several modalities to achieve good results.  He engages in ongoing study to stay current in his field.  Beyond any professional skills, he's a good human being and cares for his clients."  (Sandra L.)

 "Dr Moriarty is the best!! Combination of available massage and accupuncture makes this the only place you need to go for your body to feel awesome!!"  (J.P.)

"[Dr. Moriarty's] treatments have alleviated pain increased motion and mobility, and resolved flairs and exacerbations of lower back injury.  As a busy RN, re-injury is a big risk...but with Dr. Moriarty's help through flairs and monthly maintenance treatments, I am able to work and enjoy life with just a few precautions.  I have and would gladly recommend Dr. Moriarty's service to anyone."   (Michelle M.)